Masters Of Rebellions

17:30 Modern Melodic Metal

Founded in 2008 by Pascal (Bass) and Christian (Guitar), Masters of Rebellions begins as a duo, before starting the search for additional members to complete the line-up. After failing to find a drummer, Pascal decides to learn drums and leaves the bass to newly recruited Arpad, who also becomes the singer. They begin working on new songs, still thrash influenced at that point, planning the recording of a demo, but unfortunately, Christian decides to leave, thus reducing the band to a duo again. After searching for a while they meet Geoffrey in 2013 and the band is back on track as a trio, starting work on new compositions. They also play some shows in Belgium and France, making their live debut!

They still feel something’s not quite right however and would like to add a second guitar player to complete their sound. After several months of research, ath the end of 2015 they decide that a keyboard player would also fit the bill and they recruit Olivier (ex-Ithilien) to continue the adventure as a foursome. The first album “RISE” is recorded in 2016. Released in september 2016 it features 8 tracks mixed and mastered by Masters of Rebellions, presenting a modern sounding heavy metal, while still acknowledging their influences (Iron Maiden, Judas priest, Deep Purple, Accept, ...). Since then they’re on the road, promoting it on a tour with 32 dates confirmed already!