28/07/2018 - 16:00 | Dark Rock

Neufchâtel rose from the ashes of a night out in Rue de Neufchâtel in Saint-Gilles and fueled by years of musical exploration and hard work. The flame that engulfs this group is merciless. After years of playing many small gigs in Brussels, Neufchâtel now performs on bigger stages such as the Charlatan, Ancienne Belgique and Brussel Brost. A short while after the original members (Nelson Beumer, Colin Le Roux and David Temprano) met at the European School of Ixelles, they decided to express their musical fantasies and start a band. Now, years later, Neufchâtel holds the title of 'best student band of Brussels' (winning Rockrace 2017), is enhanced with the innovative bass playing of Maarten Vanooteghem and is on the move. The new singles Aliyah and Human Moon from the upcoming Aliyah EP (2018) are recorded and produced by Thibault Dupont (Animal Youth) and Christine Verschorren (Absynthe Minded, Ghinzu). The new songs are a reflection of the long hours spent on their musical refinement. An obsession for pop music with a dark and mysterious edge. Untameable desire for new, original melodies and a unique sound.