27/07/2018 - 22:00 | Hard Rock

Nightmare is a Belgian hardrockband, founded in April 2011 by Kristof ‘Krikke’ Michiels, Zan Geeraerts and Jasper Vanderheyden. This threesome had gained a lot of experience in a number of earlier projects; they figured their band deserved a really powerful name and Nightmare was born.

During the first years, there was little success and only two singles were unleashed onto the world: ‘Baby Let Go’ and ‘She Gives It All’. The former seemed to be quite popular, certainly after the appearance of its video clip.

The band went on The Pirate Rock Tour, two small tours throughout the county of Antwerp, and they definitely left their mark on ‘heavy rock’ in Antwerp.

In 2013, the first drummer left, to be replaced by the Greek ‘God of Thunder’ Vassili Golfidis. Now Nightmare really started growing. Performances, given with some big names from the Belgian rock world, were made, but especially their debut album ‘Dirt’ was the highlight of the band’s carreer.